22 September 2006

A Close Shave

I'm not sure how I really feel about the old saw "He died doing what he loved." We heard plenty of it in the past few days regarding Steve Irwin. Fortunatly, it seems we won't have to apply that this time around.
Top Gear's James May says he is convinced his fellow presenter Richard Hammond is "perfectly intact" after a conversation at his hospital bedside. Mr Hammond suffered a "significant brain injury" when he crashed a jet-powered car at a speed of up to 300mph during filming near York. Mr May said it was not a long talk "but it was a conversation". "I'm not a doctor but I am his mate and I believe that deep inside the Hammond I know is perfectly intact," he said.

BBC Top Gear is a magnificent show and the fact that no one makes it available to United States audiences is further indictment of Big Dumb Media.

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