18 September 2006

Mein Kampf!

I'm not going to drag the abortion debate up onto the RDF workbench, but I'm happy to swing for the fences when I see irony offer up a slow, hanging curveball.
A Maine couple upset that their 19-year-old daughter was pregnant tied her up, loaded her in their car and began driving to New York to force her to get an abortion, police said. The daughter, Katelyn Kampf, escaped Friday at a shopping center and called police, who arrested her parents, Nicholas Kampf, 54, and Lola, 53, of North Yarmouth, Maine.

"Her parents chased her out into the yard, grabbed and tied her hands and feet together,'' Salem Police Officer Sean Marino wrote in a court affidavit. "Katelyn states that her father then carried her to their car and they headed toward New Hampshire.''

"Katelyn stated to me that upon her parents finding out that she was pregnant, they told her she had no choice but to get an abortion,'' Marino wrote in his court affidavit.
That's some kind of blow for the side that uses "choice" as their war chant.

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