14 August 2008

Properly Boiled Down

I find Adam Platt sometimes agreeable but always thoughtful. With regard to the upcoming Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, he's nailed it but good:
This convention was sought out by our Democratic mayors and Democrat leaning Congressional delegation as an economic development tool. They didn’t just bid for the DNC. They went for whichever one would bite. If we didn’t want the RNC,
we should have decided that beforehand. (Or we can let RT know at the ballot box in 2009. But we won’t because we are suckers for well-meaning earnestness and ineffectuality.)

I have to laugh after reading that several members of the Minneapolis City Council will be on the line in St. Paul protesting. It’s the usual suspects: the windmill tilters, the circus haters, the perpetual victims, the folks who spend the bulk of their time trying to solve social problems beyond their reach rather than figuring out how to make the city work. Councilmember Cam Gordon notes (in the Southwest Journal article), to his chagrin, that despite participating in decades of protests, protesting doesn’t seem to affect real change. Ding, ding, ding!
I wonder if the terms of former Minneapolis City Council member (and current convicted felon) Dean Zimmerman's probation will let him into my town to hurl his pathetic brickbats.

Speaking of the RNC convention, check out what type of flunkie the Mainstream Media relies upon to ply you with information:
With just two weeks to go until the Democratic vice presidential candidate is scheduled to speak at the convention in Minneapolis, it's crunch time for the VP wannabes.
Sorry, Vaughn; the convention is in Saint Paul. And it's the Republican convention. Other than those two inconveniently glaring errors, most of the rest of that sentence is correct.

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