27 August 2008

Guarantee for Air Time

Want to make sure you're on the Tee Vee news? Just try grabbing the camera and you'll be nationwide, pal.
Not even the emotionally charged speech by Sen. Ted Kennedy kept corporate lobbyists from carrying out their multi-million dollar campaign to wine and dine and influence Democratic lawmakers at a series of lavish parties last night in Denver.

The millions being spent on entertaining and parties is a result of loopholes created by Congress in its own ethics reform law passed last year, the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, Miller says.

For example, while the new law bans certain seated dinners, it does not ban "finger food" being passed, as long as no one is sitting down. So Denver chefs have been told to find ways to turn their creations into food that can be served on a toothpick or a spoon, but not forks or knives.
Frank Lautenberg - what a wonderful example of malignant government. I am confused, though; on CNN they pretty much said that the whole city of Denver stopped to weep for Ted. Guess they didn't have all the facts.

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