27 August 2008

A Mile-High Seinfled Moment

One of my favorite gags from the show Seinfeld was when Jerry's scheming mailman would drop his fly into the proverbial ointment.

The way it usually worked, the weekly episodic house of cards would fall and when the source of the menace became evident, Jerry would pause, clench his fists and teeth, and knowingly and exasperatedly speak the name of the nemesis - "NEWMAN!"

I think I saw something very similar from Hillary Clinton last night. She was on the podium in Denver last night, selling her brand of water to those who've made themselves thirsty. As her yarn was spun and her political career was flashing before her eyes, I think I saw a moment where she nearly mouthed the name of her nemesis; the one who initiated that big, slow, ocean liner-like turn that ran Hillary's aspirations aground - "OPRAH!"

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