15 August 2008

Crybabies in the News

Reasonable Person: "What are you majoring in?"
Professional Protester: "Moving the goal posts."
The visitors will have to follow rules when it comes to staying in Macalester students' dorm rooms and officials say there will be no camping. A student group called Students for a Democratic Society had requested the accommodations.

The group had wanted Macalester the bend the rules (because they are SO special and self-important) for a few days so that visitors would be guaranteed a place to stay. Now the group is accusing college officials of missing a prime opportunity to live up to its commitment to civic engagement.
Oh, that creepy Macalester College; they say they are trying to play by their own rules, but they clearly don't understand just how bad these children hate George W. Bush (who isn't running for anything).

By the way, these screaming children seem to have conveniently forgotten how Macalester is actually living up to it's stated commitment to civic engagement - it's housing the patchouli gang for (you just know) less per night than the Best Western. Do you think, for one second, they'd open their doors to the College Republicans?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a student at Macalester who was heavily involved in the meetings and yes we would allow college republicans to stay overnight provided they have a host, just like the protesters.

In fact several republican delegates are staying in Macalester's alumni house.

But you can keep ragin' against the college I suppose.