02 August 2008

Pelosi's Iron "Skirtin"

(Continuing to practice my Reynoldsisms) They told me if George W. Bush was reelected, rogue congressional leadership would stifle the peoples' elected representatives and strong arm the press, and they were right!

“This is the people’s House,” bellowed the House Republican Leader John Boehner, who spearheaded the unusual demonstration, “and the people deserve to be heard.” Congressman Boehner introduced each member who wished to address the large rambunctious crowd in the chamber.

At one point, the microphones and the lights in the Chamber shut off in an effort to discourage the rally, but members continued to speak—and shout—in the dark. The Capitol Police tried to remove reporters, and were it not for a rotation of Congressmen taking turns in the press gallery, the Sergeant at Arms would have
locked the doors at the Speaker’s request.

Almost as bad as removing the press and abusing her power, Nancy Pelosi slammed the door on any debate on how to deal with the issue that's #1 among Americans right now.

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