18 January 2008

When you Vote Stupid, you Get Stupid Elected

"The axe I have to grind has blinded me to the facts." Representative Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Democrat and dumbass of the week:
As you see, she's winding up to use the "You were the CEO of [the eeeeeeeeeevil] Goldman-Sachs" avenue of attack....and it stopped dead in her tracks by the fact that she was too unprepared to know that that is an entirely different person. It's a little tougher to attack someone for their steal-from-the-poor history and supposed economic ignorance when that person turns out to be not the former CEO of an [eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil] corporation, but the former head of an Ivy League Economics Department.
I wonder what she'll do next week; accuse Seattle Seahawks quarterback David Hasselhoff of blowing it against the Packers?

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