27 January 2008

A Close Look into a Sad World

One day you wake up and realize you life is over:

"For me, the sense of being special to Hal faded away just as it did with previous boyfriends. I became obsessed with agony columns, poring over letters talking of boring marriages and the temptation of affairs and willing just one agony aunt to advise someone to run off with a lover. "Of course, they never did. It was always: 'Go and work at your marriage.' But I didn't want to work on mine. I wanted someone to say: 'Actually, perhaps nothing will make you want to sleep with your husband again,' which is how I feel.

"I've made my choice. For now I'm caught up in marriage's net, bound up with responsibilities to my children. My interest in sex with the person I was supposed to be closest to has died. I could leave but for now I'll wait because of the desolation it would wreak on my family. "I want to maintain the family unit because it makes other things possible, like doing things together with the children. But one day, when they are older and I can think about my own needs again, I may leave and start all over again.

This would be a very different story is this outlook and a subsequent publishing deal was coming from poor Hal, don't you think?


flamer said...

Here's the real truth, further down in the article (include a link next time!)

"Children need to be brought up by parents in a monogamous marriage. I wouldn't want to blow that apart, and I certainly wouldn't want the burden of being a single parent.

"I know from taking the kids on holiday on my own once when Hal was working that having sole responsibility for them is exhausting."

Uh huh. She's not staying for the kids. She's staying because it would be too hard for her to care for them on her own if she left.
Poor poor Carrie. Life's so hard, isn't it?

Hal, get out now.
There's a woman out there somewhere who will love you and appreciate you, and your kids, forever.
And she's good in bed.
Go find her.

OctaneBoy said...

Link fixed; jeez, the things a 101 degree fever will do for a fella.

flamer said...

Uh oh. I can't catch it by posting here can I?