06 January 2008

Stop Being Stupid

Why is the world going to hell? Because there are no consequences for people when they are shitheads. What's worse, is when the sanction falls down the person who was doing the right thing:
Schultz said he told the shoplifter he was making a citizens arrest and to wait for the police to arrive, but the shoplifter broke away from the group and ran across Washtenaw Avenue and toward a gas station at the corner of Huron Parkway. Before the man could cross Huron Parkway, Schultz caught up and grabbed the man's jacket and put his leg behind the man's legs. When the manager arrived at the intersection, Schultz said, the manager told him to release the shoplifter, and he complied, and the shoplifter got away.
Last time I was in Whole Foods, I paid for my groceries. What a chump I was. It's evident that if I walk out with an arm load of food, I won't be restrained.
Schultz . . .was fired because he violated a company policy prohibiting employees from having any physical contact with a customer. Kate Klotz, a company spokesperson, said the policy is clear and listed in a booklet that all employees have to acknowledge that they received before they can start work.
All you sheep just stand by while we let thieves dictate the rules for the rest of us.
"The fact that I worked at the store at (the time of the robbery) is coincidental," he said. "If I had went over to the book store on my break and they were being ripped off, I would have helped them."
Schultz has exactly the right attitude and gets canned for it. Just more erosion of quality of life brought to you by trial lawyers.

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flamer said...

the definition of "customer" now includes "thief?"