09 January 2008

Off Another Deep End They Go

How Did Hillary win in New Hampshire? Simple: Bush/Cheney/Haliburton/Diebold rigged the whole thing!
Obama internal polls had him winning by 14 points. Hillary's camp had him winning by 11 points. Even the Hillary camp conceded virtual defeat early on. Even Hillary believed she had lost before the polls closed. I can't recall a primary where a candidate had a double-digit lead the day of the election, but finished several points behind. Even the exit polling showed no sign of a Hillary win. The exit polls showed about even. Exit polls have a history of accurate projections. Despite this, Hillary maintained about a three point difference the entire evening. AP called it for Hillary with only 61% reporting. CNN still refused to call if for Hillary, as they explained and demonstrated on an electronic map how several key precincts had not come in yet. But that didn't stop NBC calling it for Hillary. With 94% reporting, those key precincts STILL showed zero per cent reporting. NONE of the TV pundits could explain the differences. Here's one pundit's excuse: "Maybe it has to do with the voting curtain in New Hampshire (private voting) whereas Iowa was public voting."
This doesn't explain New Hampshire, this explains the far-left's interpretations of everything. Whether its the cost of college, the private tax burden or global mean temperatures, it's all about "I don't remember this happening before . . ." and other lame rationalities.

Life can be quite an adventurous ride when you allow your damaged imagination to color everything you see.

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