04 January 2008

Another Reason to Smash Al-Qaeda

Like we need any more reasons, but this is another good reason to kill all of them:
The ASO said there had been "direct threats against the race issued by terrorist groups." "ASO's prime responsibility is to ensure the security of everyone involved, the statement said, adding that organisers would never take any risks with safety matters. "The terrorist menace has wiped out a year's hard work carried out with conviction and passion by the participants and all those involved," it said. It was the first time in its turbulent 30-year history that the controversial race has failed to go ahead and will cast doubts over future editions.
A local radio guy had a good idea: Operate the race as usual, but arm the vehicles, especially the heavy trucks. At the first sign of a threat by these petty havoc merchants, open up on them with M2 .50 calibers. Perhaps some strafing air cover, too, just to be thorough.

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