07 February 2007

WWSD - What Would Scooby Do?

Today I am recalling how every episode of "Scooby Doo" ended; with the bad guy in custody and lamenting that he/she would have gotten away with it "if it wasn't for those meddling kids."
The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility board filed a petition Tuesday asking the state Supreme Court to suspend or disbar Hottinger from practicing law for taking $8,820 from a trust account set up when a personal injury lawsuit was settled.
Ooooo . . . even I know that's bad and I'm not the lawyer here. Here comes the Scooby Doo cop-out:
"No one was harmed by anything. In fact, no one knew about anything until I disclosed it to the state bar."
Jeez, too bad the rules had to apply to you too.
Hottinger, a St. Peter Democrat who didn't seek a sixth term in 2006, has been working as a lobbyist.
What? I keep getting told that only Republicans are crooked. Remember Harry Reid's tirade on the Republican culture of corruption? Maybe Matt Entenza would like to comment.
Hottinger said he hopes his punishment is balanced with the other work he's done. He said he put substantial personal money and time into representing death row inmates in Texas and frequently gave lectures to law students on the ethical challenges of simultaneously being a lawyer and legislator.
Maybe Hottinger should have listened to some of his own words during those 'ethical challenges' lectures he gave.
Hottinger has been a licensed attorney in Minnesota since 1972, but he said Tuesday that he no longer actively practices law. Hottinger said he doesn't believe he has broken any criminal laws.
Maybe he no longer practices law because ho doesn't know what's legal and what is not.

(Sigh) Just another pantsload in line for a taxpayer-funded pension.

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