15 February 2007

The High Cost of Reality

There are some fresh readings now available from the What The Hell Is Wrong With People barometer:
Kara Brockett, a junior at Southwest State University, has piled up $25,000 in college debt. She works four jobs during the year and her parents help out a little when they can, but the fact remains: When she graduates and starts looking for work, she will have to find a job that feeds her debt rather than her ambition. "It's difficult to get into nonprofit work when your loan payments are as big as your rent," said Brockett, of Omaha.
I'll bet you we will read Kara's name in the paper in a few years in a story about how she charged up a boat load of credit card debt and now is having a miserable time trying to pay it back. And the politician that's running to her aid.

Rick Howden, a Winona State senior, will graduate this year with $48,000 in loans to pay back. "I now have to find a job that will help me pay that off rather than do something I really want to do," said Howden, of Cannon Falls.
What an incredibly horrible situation; having to pay the debts you incur.

Earlier in the day, several legislators announced that they were introducing a bill that would allocate millions to MnSCU colleges and universities specifically to put the lid on student costs. MnSCU includes the state's two-year colleges and those four-year state universities outside the University of Minnesota system.
Why is it that it costs money to make something cheaper?

Used to be you needed some decent grades to get into college - maybe a résumé, interview, letter of recommendation, etc. Now it seems you also need a whole bucket of naïveté.

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