25 February 2007

Dorky Weather Post

All the fearmonger local news outfits and yellow-bellied non-hackers have been shouting "Snow!" incessently for a few days and, sure enough, it came overnight. It was no record dump, nor was it perilous, nor was it unprecedented (for crying out loud this is Minnesota in February) but it was news and if effects everything.

After shovelling out Casa de Octane for two hours this morning, I dropped Mrs. Octane off in front of church and looked for a place to park. After getting stuck twice on unplowed side streets, I figured it I'd be better off in my own clean driveway. I made it home only to realize that she had the house keys. Back near church, I beached the wagon and went in. Getting out wasn't entirely without incident.

Home for a bite, then off to the X to see the Wild dispatch the Oilers and, coupled with Dallas doing Vancouver in OT, saw them move into 2nd place, only two points arears of the Canucks.

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