02 February 2007

School Board Seeks Matches

I sure love these modern times, where meddling parents and cowardly government-school administrators will not rest until the most stupid among us are shielded from all cerebral challenges and are freed from having to think for themselves.
Lakeville high school sophomores were required for years to read "Huck Finn," but that may change this year after some parents questioned the use of the book.

During discussion of the book, Lewis' daughter said she was uncomfortable with views she said students expressed — that blacks should go to hell and interracial marriage was immoral, for instance.
Heavens - no school should ever be a place where questions are raised and discussion ensues.

State laws dictate that districts form curriculum advisory councils — which include parents, teachers, community members, administrators and students — to help shape what is taught in classrooms. Although school boards have the ultimate say, they often take committees' recommendations.

Gwen Johnson, another Lakeville parent, said her son does not want to go through the "Huck Finn" unit but that "it's more embarrassing to go out of the classroom. He didn't want to be put somewhere alone. He'd rather sit through it."
Way to sabotage your son's future, mom.

We've had political correctness beat so hard into our collective skulls, that we are willing to throw literature, history and individual thought into the fire. Welcome to the new world; check your intellect, courage, reason, imagination and context at the door.

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