30 January 2007

More Feathers for Kofi's Hat

Wow, I didn't even know the United Nations was in the weather business, but typical of the UN, if they're into it, it'll be corrupt.
The report, obtained Friday by The Associated Press, reveals that the investigation centered around suspicious payments made by an ex-staffer at the World Meteorological Organization — and concludes that the 2003 election for secretary-general was manipulated.

Details about the corruption allegations come at a sensitive time for the United Nations. Earlier this month, new U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pledged to root out the mismanagement and corruption that dogged predecessor Kofi Annan during his time as U.N. chief.

In a 65-page summary of her findings, auditor Maria Veiga concluded that former WMO staffer Muhammad Hassan of Sudan skimmed up to US$3 million (€2.35 million) from the agency's coffers while working in its training department.
Don't worry, be happy.

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