15 January 2007

Honorary Plumber Status for Sandy Berger

Ron Cass knows the difference between a "third-rate burglary" and first-class larceny, document destruction and other disbarable crimes. Next time you hear Big Media breathlessly beat Jack Abramoff further into the ground (along with a certain lethargic political party) be honest, and ask them where are their questions for Sandy Berger and Bill Clinton.
The Clintons, however, take the game of deny-deceive-and-distract to a new level. Their relentless personal attacks on Ken Starr were designed to undermine the credibility of information about Bill Clinton's perjury, to deflect attention from his own failings. Clinton's excessive reaction - complete with hyperbole, finger-wagging, and scolding - to a simple question from Fox News' Chris Wallace about his response to al-Qaeda is in the same vein. Something here touches a nerve.

That nerve is exposed in the Sandy Berger saga. This story at bottom is about the security of our nation, about what was - or was not - done to protect us from the most shocking and deadly attack on American citizens by foreign agents in our nation's history. This story is critical not only to understanding our past but also to securing our future. It can help us understand what it is reasonable to expect can be done to keep us and our loved ones safe from harm. It is, in short, as important a story as there is.

It is a story the news media should be desperate to explore, not desperate to avoid.
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flamer said...

I am really starting to believe that we have all been duped into not seeing that Democrat and Republican are still two sides to the same corrupt coin.