02 January 2007

Mas Fiesta!

To all you NCAA clowns who assembled all the Bowl Championship Series jive - I give you the undefeated Boise State Broncos:
The Broncos led 28-10. Trailed 35-28 with 16 seconds left. Trailed 42-35 in overtime. The Broncos tied the game 35-35 on a 50-yard hook-and-lateral with 7 seconds left to force overtime. They fell behind 42-35 on the first play of overtime — a 25-yard touchdown run by Oklahoma's superstar tailback Adrian Peterson — then won it with a touchdown pass by Perretta and a 2-point conversion by tailback Ian Johnson on the Statue of Liberty play.

"This is what we practice every week, and never get a chance to do," offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said. "And now we're doing it, and I'm thinking, ‘Oh crap, here we go. This is for real.' " And so are the Broncos.
Find the video. It was quite the football game.

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