09 January 2007

Great Moments in Socialized Medicine

Is everyone holding hands? Good, repeat after me - "Progressive culture. World commuinty. Free healthcare. Social justice. Utopian city/states. Dead people."
An investigation is under way after paramedic crews could not attend to a man who suffered a fatal heart attack because they were on "rest breaks".
"Stop with you cardiac arrest; I'm having my lunch."
(T)he 73-year-old collapsed at the Edmonton Green shopping centre in north London. But London Ambulance Service (LAS) confirmed the crews were on a break, under EU rules, when the call was made. An ambulance arrived 20 minutes later but the man died shortly afterwards.
Under the regulations of the Most Glorious People's Socialist Workplace Guidelines, all workers are given ample periods of downtime, rest and self-affirmation, no matter what the unwashed masses require in terms of services.
A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: "Having looked at the availability of ambulances in the area during this period, we can confirm that two crews were on a rest break at Edmonton Ambulance Service at the time of the 999 call."
It's really up to the plebes in the the Most Glorious People's Republic of the EU to schedule their sever health problems aaround the working rules dictated by pencil puchers in Brussels.
New arrangements giving ambulance staff a formal rest break during their shift came into effect in December last year, under the European Working Time Directive (You are saluting, aren't you?) Anyone working a shift between six and 10 hours long is allocated a rest break of 30 minutes.
Ah, Europe; they're always so far ahead of the United States when it comes to conforming to Orwellian bliss.

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