02 October 2006

Unable to Bask in Baseball Joy, Democrats Seek to Manufacture Equality Rainout

A glorious season capper for the local 9, as seen throught the eyes of the nanny-state "government make it all better" idiots.

Minnesotans are being misled about the Twins’ succes. “Sure, the right-wing media publishes pictures of celebrating players and publishes a lot of statistics, but they spin them just to make look good,” he added. When asked for an example Melendez noted that both Twin Cities’ newspaper report Joe Mauer is “hitting .349.”

“Not one paper is accurately reporting that he is ‘not hitting’ at a .651 clip, almost 100 percent worse than we are being told,” he said. “The fact that he may become the first American League catcher to win a batting title is indicative of the poor quality of catchers being produced by under-funded public schools.” Melendez noted that Mauer went to a “religious school,” depriving the St. Paul public schools of its deserved state payments.

Melendez also cited the quagmire that is the Twins starting rotation and the loss of Francisco Liriano for the playoffs, which he said was the result of stress on the Dominican rookie resulting from his uncertainty about Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s immigration policies.

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