02 October 2006

It's Not Tasteless; I'm a Democrat!

Amy Klobuchar has decided to use a dead girl as a pole to vault herself into a higher elected office. This might be the sickest thing I've ever seen. I can only imagine what Amy's handlers told those poor people to get them to say "shame on Mark Kennedy."

Shame on Mark Kennedy for what exactly?



By the way, does anyone remember how well the prosecution went when it came time to lock up the shit that shot Tyesha Edwards?
19-year-old will get a new trial for allegedly killing an 11-year-old girl, after the state Supreme Court threw out his conviction, ruling that investigators improperly denied his requests to talk to his mother.

The court also said Thursday that Burrell, of Bemidji, should have been given information about plea bargains his two co-defendants received. Edwards' father said Thursday's ruling forced the family back to square one. "It's been tough as it is, and then to get some bad information about the possibility of this guy squeezing through the cracks, it's very hard to deal with," Jimmie Edwards said. "My daughter is sadly missed every single day and we love her. We don't want her to be mistreated anymore."
This is the same Jimmy Edwards that's now in Amy Klobuchar's tee vee commercial shaming Mark Kennedy? Now that takes some gall.

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