20 October 2006

Banned in Eagan!

Not only has this luddite been breeding, she's out to make sure you life sucks as much as her's does.
After a parent complained about the "sex, death and general mayhem" in newspapers, a suburban elementary school here decided to cut off students' access to free copies provided by the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
One idiot freaks out, and an entire school administration, staff and enrollment immediately steps in line behind her. We really can't accommodate sociopaths fast enough in the government schools, can we?

The Pioneer Press had been available to students for several years at Deerwood Elementary School in Eagan through its Newspapers in Education program. All kids had to do was pick up one of the 30 copies left daily on a counter in the media
When I went to school and if I wanted a paper I needed to buy my own.

The parent of a 7-year old sent the school an e-mail last week complaining that the newspaper is "not appropriate reading material for elementary-aged kids."
What kind of demented small-minded putz is this? Anyway; tell you what - we'll just keep the newspaper away from YOUR kid . . .
Deerwood Elementary's media director offered to not make the paper available to her child, but continue allowing other students ready access to the newspaper. The parent rejected that, saying it "would silently endorse the kids reading them. It's like leaving a loaded gun on the table."
Stop. Right. There.

#1 - Not only does this idiot not want her own kid to be exposed to this terrible newspaper,
#2 - She is also demanding no one else's kid has access to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press,
#3 - Futhermore (and I mean WAY further) she's equating access to a newspaper with access to a firearm.

So, with 1-3, you'd figure she should be put in a rubber room, but no; 1-3 equals a very logical pattern of thought, so naturally,

#4 - Big education obeys they delusional whims of this fool, and propagates the charade of privacy by not naming this moron, yet making her schizms into school-wide policy.

Colleen Kingsbury, who has two daughters at Deerwood Elementary, said she intended to go there Friday to object. "I really resent this decision that the principal has made, especially given the fact that it's based on the opinion of one parent," she said.
Bless you, Colleen, you and I seem to be in the minority.

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