07 October 2006

Sunrise, Sunset

It was a fun opening night at the X Thursday as the Wild beat the Feet in overtime.

For the entire time the Wild have been competing, Colorado has always had the better team. We'd eek out wins here and there, and we did beat them in the Western Coference playoffs a few years ago, but it was evident that the Avs always had experience and talent on their side.

Until Thursday.

The Wild have the better team now. We had to play with 5 defencemen for most of the game, and we did let a 2-goal lead go, but it was reassuring to see more composure and more attack from our guys. The Wild are 'all growed up.'

Hockey's back. Bring on rest of the Northwest Division.

On the other side of the sports page, the curtain fell quick on the go-go Twins. They really ran out of go-go. The pitching was not so hot, especially the bullpen, and the bats had run dry. The A's were certainly the better team. A guy can always look forward to next year, but the way they played since the All Star break and the the way they chased down the Tigers to win the division certainly flirted with 'magical,' and makes the wait all the tougher.

I'll be rooting for and Oakland/St. Louis series, but I'll take the Tigers/Mets as well.

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