14 August 2006

Unusual Becoming Usual

There's been some savage crimes in the local jungle. Not all are making the cut in the legacy media (what can you expect with all the important news that needs reporting) but when it does, we sure got lots of chiefs of police who use the old turn of the phrase "this is very unusual for the area."

Here's a fine example:

Two Lakeville men who were walking along Gerdine Path near Dodd Boulevard were robbed at gunpoint on Aug. 5 in what Police Chief Steve Strachan described as an "unusual" robbery. "Most of the time robberies occur at establishments and businesses," Strachan said. "This was unusual because it was a residential street and the suspects set out specifically to victimize pedestrians."

Three men, 18-year-old Hassan Abdul of Eagan, 18-year-old Wod Talian of Burnsville, and 18-year-old Demetrius Lee Johnson of Apple Valley, were charged Tuesday by the Dakota County Attorney's office with first-degree aggravated robbery.

The robbery victims were able to identify the men from a lineup. A search of the vehicle yielded the weapon allegedly used in the robbery. Bail was set at $60,000 for all three men.

I'm sure we'll soon find their mamas on Tee Vee or in the paper who'll swear all three are good boys.

Rambix expands on this, links to lots more "unusual for this area" crime, and has pictures of the little darlings courtesy of the Dakota County Jail.

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