17 August 2006

Crescent City Clown

Now that New Orleans has finally gotten its murder rate back near pre-Katrina levels you sure don't hear a lot from that jive-talkin' Ray Nagin.

It's not all sweetness, light and federal dollars for Nagin's legacy:

A federal lawsuit accusing the city of illegally confiscating firearms during the chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina was kept alive by a federal judge Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier denied a motion by the city of New Orleans to dismiss a suit by the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation.

The suit says that during and after the Aug. 29 storm, "Mayor Nagin ordered the New Orleans police and other law enforcement entities under his authority to evict persons from their homes and to confiscate the lawfully possessed firearms."

That was a great move Ray, and you have completely shown your hand as a modern political liberal: You think only the government is capable of protecting the unwashed masses, so not only do you order the confiscation of legally-owned firearms, and you do it in concert with your monopolistic police force abandoning its duties leaving an unarmed New Orleans in the lawless lurch.

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