30 August 2006

Don't Cross Big Government

For you will be stomped!

Not here in the land of the free and home of the brave, mind you, but in the People's Republic of Canada:
I saw the satirical website http://www.hezboliberal.com/ and laughed pretty hard (my favourite line: "MP searches Middle-East for terrorism, finds Israel). But they weren't laughing over at Liberal headquarters. The party's in a bit of a snit right now over the issue of Israel and terrorism and they've lost their sense of humour.

The grown-up answer to a satirical website like that is to laugh it off. But the Liberal party is hurting right now, so it lashed out against the pranksters -- pressuring their internet service provider (ISP) to censor the site.

This is called bullying -- where the once-mighty "natural governing party," now flailing around in impotence, rage and debt, tries to lash out at some little guys and, worse, their ISP. What makes me mad is that the Liberals are bullying critics on the internet, and getting away with it. This is exactly the sort of precedent that all media should join forces to oppose -- whether they are pro- or anti-Liberal. If the Liberals have a real complaint, they should take it to court, not bully an ISP into censorship against a political dissident.
The Western Standard is hosting the, uh, offending site here, since Canada's Liberal party chased off the ISP that had been hosting it.

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