31 August 2006

Don't Miss it, Don't Even Be Late

Flying solo at the Minnesota State Fair

Like all real state fairs, Minnesota's started as agriculture exposition. Today, the tractors are not on sale, they are, sadly, on exhibit.

Lucy was very gracious to put up with all the noisy gawkers and hand thrusters.

Didn't take long for everyone to show up. They say 80-100K show up each day.

When you ride a bull, all the other fellas are 'horseboys.'

Most of the livestock buildings are WPA-era structures, and can be quite cathedral-like to people like me who enjoy farm critters.

Of course the ride is safe. If it wasn't, would Tom Selleck endorse it personally?

I caught a few tunes from Hank Thompson and the Brazos Valley Boys on my way out the door. Yes, it was that Hank Thompson.

A pretty good day; perfect weather, not a care. I saw 40 varieites of chickens, a thousand-pound boar and a baby bison. I had a foot-long with onions, a gizmo (don't ask), catfish on a stick, two beers, a chocolate shake and a Haralson apple. I took a ride on the space tower, and got a good look of how the bastards ruined the oval track, so that they'll never race cars on the fairgrounds again. Even riding the bus up and back was a nice experience.

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