23 July 2006

Peace Rally Pauses to Assault Cameraman

Irony, hypocrisy, thug tactics and stupidity on parade in Boston. Make sure you watch the accompanying videos:
I showed up at City Hall Plaza at about 2 pm, in black dress slacks and striped blue and white shirt, looking like a lawyer on a lunch break. As I was approaching the crowd, which appeared to number several hundred people, I took it out and turned the video on.

Some rather short and skinny woman, screaming hysterically at me, grabbed my camera and left arm. In the ensuing commotion, I suddenly noticed that Noah Cohen grabbed my camera and was quietly trying to break off its swivel monitor. This really stunned me -- I didn't expect he would go to such length and engage in criminally punishable behavior, but I guess, he figured he could afford to do so and get away with it, being surrounded by his comrades-in-arms with no police in sight.

One man told me that the police would not help me, as they were going to hunt me down and kill me.
Just more of that 'rights for me but not for thee' crap; this time from terrorist sympathizers and Hezbollah romatics. Message to Noah Cohen: Hey, punk, in what country do you think you're standing as you stomp on others?

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