27 July 2006

Looking In On #35

It's a hell of a year over in Minneapolis. They're on pace for about 65 murders this year. For that and other things, I've often ripped the boy mayor, who famously quipped last year that the only people at risk for Death-By-Hoodlum are those engaged in "high-risk lifestyles." Well this year, those gunned down have been walking to their car after dinner, leaving movie theaters in the downtown entertainment hub, driving in cars and doing homework in their kitchens; clearly all dangerous activity.

When it comes to murder, no one has it coming (except for Fred Phelps), but in Rybak's defense, sometimes those who get plugged have not been doing everything they can to keep their noses clean. Witness our boy Valentine, muder victim #35 this season:
When I first looked at his criminal record, I thought, well, at least he's cleaned up his act. Then I realized that he had had no convictions in 6 years because he'd been in prison that whole time.Interestingly, if he'd served his full sentence (adding up to more than 23 years) from even one of his six convictions in 2000, he'd still be safe in jail.
See ya later, Pestelence V.D. El-Shabazz; we hardly knew ya - that is, except for what it says on your rap sheet.

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flamer said...

From Wiki: By Phelps's own admission, he never dated, and had no interest in members of the opposite sex.

Huh. Weird.