23 July 2006

My Hair Still Smells Like NOMEX

Well I got back in the autocross saddle this weekend, and it was a nice return. I used to be quite the pylon-swiper with my previous GTI, but got out of it a few seasons ago when the local car clubs started dropping the ball organizationally. I just got too old to spend 14 hours standing around only to get 3 runs. Getting the bike in '02 helped get a lot of my ya-ya's out, so I didn't need to flog the current car as much.

Well my pal Jay, who owns a flying doorstop, told me about the local MG (or Austin Healey?) club putting one on at the airport in Amery, only about 60 miles away. It sounded more . . . grown up, so I signed on.

Seventy-five cars got numbered and they represented a WIDE spectrum of machinery. There was a Ford GT, a Citroen 2CV Club, a 914 with an LS6, an NSX, an Elise, a Jensen-Healey with a small block & Offy heads, a few Vee Dubs, some Porsches, some Miatas, MG's, some rice, some meatballs, and a bunch of guys with cartoon Vipers.

I got 5 runs in the dust and heat, and think I got progresively better, which is the idea. I'll know for sure when the results come in the e-mail. It was fun because they put fun ahead of competition, and we all got to play cars for a day.

Gotta stay on that club's e-mail list.

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