28 January 2009

(Click) "Did you hang up?" "No; I just said 'click'."

Hell, why not mandate 150-decibel klaxon horns for all video camcorders while you're at it?
A new bill introduced in the Congress by New York Republican Rep. Peter King requires mobile phones with digital cameras "to make a sound" when a photograph is taken. The move is part of the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act and the idea is to ensure privacy and safety of the public, especially children, claims the bill.
Children - we're always doing everything for the children, aren't we? Why just today I had to ask myself if I, myself, was doing enough for the children.
If enacted the bill would require any mobile phone in the US to make a sound "audible within a reasonable radius of the phone whenever a photograph is taken
with the camera in such phone."
How does this come about? Did one hysterical parent get into King's office and not leave until his intern drafted a one-sheet? Get ready, folks; government is here and it's here to help you. Even when you didn't need help. Oh, and here's the tax bill for that.

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