10 January 2009

Are You Among Obama's "Dumb?"

I feel a change in the airwaves!

President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team Thursday asked Congress to delay next month's planned switch to all-digital broadcast television. The incoming administration is warning that the TVs of millions of Americans could lose their pictures because of problems in the government's preparations.
He hasn't even taken the oath and he's mastered The Pander, and here's the type of loser (and voter he's pandering to:

As college football fans gathered at Steny’s Tavern in Milwaukee Thursday night, there were some who thought the Obama move was right on. Ricky Echols has a four
bedroom home with an analog television in each of those bedrooms. “You know you have to buy all those converters,” Echols said with a sweeping movement of his arms. “It’s just too much right now. I’m not ready. I’m not fully prepared.”
Ricky, you are too stupid for this world.

First, it's only TV. It's not food, shelter, human rights; it's TV so get some perspective. Second, everyone in this collection of states has had four-years of advance notice. On top of that, nanny government will bu you two boxes (whether you need them or not), so if you are caught out on February 17th, you don't deserve free TV, which is of such value in the first place.

But none of those obvious realities should get in the way of official government victimization:

Also on Thursday, Obama transition team co-chairman John Podesta said that with six weeks to go before the conversion authorized by Congress in 2005, officials remain concerned that elderly viewers, those in rural areas, people with low incomes and viewers with disabilities could be left in the dark.
See, if you live far from the tall city buildings, are not white, are over 50 or are missing a thumb like I am, you are clearly too stupid to have done anything to resolve your TV situation and now you need even more government handholding as you walk through this big scary world.

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