20 October 2007

Serious Clobberings in Order

Ford is trying to get me, a Ford owner, to come to their dealerships for basic services like oil changes and tire rotations. They are using this clod-head song in the radio commericals, as if that's supposed to seal the deal with me, the consumer. I hate this song with violent, white-hot hatred. I may never buy another Ford again.

I am also keeping a list of all food and beverage products that advertise in such a manner that I can hear people chewing and swallowing their products in the commercial. This makes me sick, and that's coming from someone who regularly cleans up the fecal output of an 200 pounds of domestic canines.

I also am getting mad at professional hockey organizations that employ such tactics as to allow a classy, veteran goaltender to twist in the wind without responsible sefensive support.

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