28 October 2007

Macalester College Hit by Vandals

The very spendy boutique college up the street is building a monolith athletic facility and it's going up pretty fast. Right after one layer of the roof was up, hoodlums with spray paint struck.

(Click for a better view)

Oh, I know; you say it was just some union ironworker who's proud of a job (I presume) well done. Then tell me what the difference is from the picture above to the picture below:

Or this one:

I'm tempted to call Macalester College and ask if the plans for the building include the pink lettering or if they, institutionally, approve of the pro-union message. I also wonder what response I'd get if I called the city of Saint Paul's graffiti hotline.

All graffiti is unchecked hubris. Noting more. It is the human manifestation of territorial pissing, and has more more merit. If you want to call it art, then go paint it on your own stuff.

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