10 October 2007

Quick Hitters

Lefties know everything. We should be ever-grateful they care for us so much:

The unvieled threat of your government censoring the media - how could that be since Alberto Gonzales is out?
Others on the Democrat side are pushing ahead with other plans. Rep. Henry Waxman has asked his investigative staff to begin compiling reports on Limbaugh, and fellow radio hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin based on transcripts from their shows, and to call in Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin to discuss the so-called "Fairness Doctrine."
Those red light camera you're so in love with - governement money grab and nothing more.
According to an internal audit of the red light camera program from July of 2005 until July of 2007, the program generated more than $10 million, the city paid about $4.8 million in expenses leaving the city $5.8 million in excess funds.
Counting to nine with Al "long-haul flight" Gore.
A High Court judge who ruled on whether climate change film, An Inconvenient Truth, could be shown in schools said it contains "nine scientific errors".

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lefty said...

This from the same BBC article:

Children's Minister Kevin Brennan had earlier said: "It is important to be clear that the central arguments put forward in An Inconvenient Truth, that climate change is mainly caused by man-made emissions of greenhouse gases and will have serious adverse consequences, are supported by the vast weight of scientific opinion.

"Nothing in the judge's comments today detract from that."

And when the icecap on Greenland actually does melt within our lifetimes, we'll ignore that flood too.