11 October 2007

Rico Recovering, City Still Ails

After a trip through the animal hospital, Rico is recovering after a tough night on the town:

A suspected drug dealer fleeing the long jaws of the law repeatedly shot a St. Paul police dog as it bit and dragged him to the ground, ending a high-speed car and foot chase that stretched from St. Paul into Minneapolis this evening.

The dog, Rico - a multi-year veteran of the force - was taken to the University of Minnesota's veterinary hospital after being shot two times. The suspect was also taken to HCMC to be treated for gunshot wounds to his hand and buttocks, as well as various other injuries from the crash and Rico's assault.

"(Rico) kept on biting .... The dog simply didn't let go," (police spokesman Tom) Walsh said.
Good dog, Rico.

I heard some audio from the tee vee coverage of this event. It included a very predictable sound bite from a resident of the neighborhood where the scumbag suspect was nabbed. He was wailing about the dangers of police chases and how kids lived in the neighborhood, blah, blah, blah. Let's review - drug dealer with $100K worth of outstanding warrants flees from an arrest, races up and down streets, crashes into innocent motorists, shoots at uniformed police officers, and this bedwetter doesn't like police chases.

Watch soon for a new law in the city of Minneapolis: Once a felon exceeds the posted speed limit by 5 mph, police are forbidden from following. Can there be any wonder why Minneapoilis has such imept leadership, and therefore the crime problem, it has?

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