19 August 2007

Wild Blue Yonder

Sherm Booen wasn't there to report on it but I had a very fun ride in a taildragger last Tuesday.

Took off from Lake Elmo about 5:20 in a Bellanca Citabria 150. Like me, it's about 40 but it'll cruise happily around 120 mph. At that speed, we had no trouble sitting down for dinner in Cumberland by 6.

Pilot Al gave me the stick for a spell, which I did not squander, and he was happy to explain everything from preformance factors (+5/-2 G) to piloting smarts (100LL in a bit cheaper in New Richmond) and how to create a posh hanger (red carpet).

If the price of admission wasn't out of reach, I'd be shopping. What a hoot; I'd go again in a heartbeat.

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