21 August 2007

Which Sort of Opression is OK?

Look - I'm just a regular guy, who expects 2 and 2 to add up to 4, so I'm having a hard time squaring this:
(American pop singer Gwen) Stefani had promised before the concert to dress modestly after the 10,000-member National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students protested against the concert, claiming her fashion sense and cheeky performances clash with Islamic values. The opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party also accused Stefani of promoting promiscuity and corrupting the country's youth.
So, make accommodations to Muslim culture because, you know, it's so inclusive and worthy of placating:
“Women are simply not accepted by the Muslim community,” says Mohammed. “So women had also better not do this work.” Mohammed is my colleague social worker (integration civil servant) in Antwerp’s immigrant quarters. He looks at me gravely. “That is just the way it is, and that is why I prefer not to work with a woman, that simply doesn’t work.” He is complaining about another colleague, a Flemish woman who is his superior.

Mohammed does not think that this mentality about women and work is wrong. In fact, whoever questions this attitude is wrong because it is his culture and belief, which is why he accepts it, he “understands” it and we, Flemings, do not. Consequently we must accept it, until we “understand” as well.
Sure that Stefani would scoff at a Christian group that suggests she dress less provocatively (whatever that entails), I really wonder if the reason so many accommodations made to militant Islam that are, very simply, that non-Muslims do not shoot at or blow up the things in this world that do not please them.

Do I detect a theme?
Does anyone remember the reaction to proposals for public funding of secular studies in sectarian schools? All the promises to maintain a separation between church and state were dismissed as disingenuous or ineffectual. Yet now “Arab” culture and language, which is defined by the Muslim faith, is unquestioningly welcomed as “public” and non-sectarian.

And whatever happened to the notion that public schools are supposed to teach students traditional American values and certainly English as their primary language? This is doubtless how the Muslim hijacking of the British and French educational systems started. We can’t say we weren’t forewarned.
So a public school is adopting all the tenants of a specific - and where is the ACLU? Oh yea, they're badgering pharmacists into doing things their way.

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