17 August 2007

American History Scutteld by Big Labor

Historical and culturally significant or not - if it ain't controlled by union thugs, it's days are numbered:
Because of those protective measures, and the fact that (the Delta Queen) is never more than a mile from shore, Congress has always granted her a waiver from the all-steel construction requirement. The exemption renewal again passed through the House this past year, but died in the Senate.

And so a piece of history, the last riverboat recognizable to Mark Twain, a ship listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a vessel safe enough that the Secret Service permitted Jimmy Carter, when he was a sitting President, to board her, will cease operation because a powerful Senator is beholden to a union.
Is it just me, or is it pretty ironic that someone who witnessed the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 would now torpedo an American maritime icon? Just more diseased action (inaction?) from the freaks that get elected in this once-great nation.

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