05 June 2009

You Gotta Stand For Something

Or you will fall for anything - as if you needed MORE proof of the cultural bankruptcy that faces our once-proud nation:

The Recording Academy, which bestows the Grammy Awards, announced late on Wednesday that the polka category would be eliminated, saying in a statement that it had been cut “to ensure the awards process remains representative of the current musical landscape.”

To many in the polka world, that read as a kind of industry code meaning that their genre — once capable of supporting artists with million-selling hits, but long since relegated to micro-niche status — had slipped off the mainstream radar entirely.

The Grammy Award - oh yes, given to such 'giants' as Kanye West, Carrie Underwood and Al Franken (!), yet somehow the Six Fat Dutchmen are left in the lurch.

These Grammy clowns will give awards for "Best Spoken Word Album for Children" and in 22 different categories of Gospel. Hell, there are even 4 awards for packaging - PACKAGING!. No room for Polka, though.

Know what - the Grammy Awards don't deserve Polka. That's what I think.

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