04 June 2009

13, 14; Who's Counting?

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin cleared again, and again, and agian . . .

The Alaska Personnel Board, clearly frustrated with the pile of ethics complaints filed against Gov. Sarah Palin, wants to publicize the cost of dealing with them. "We've spent pretty close to about a third of a million dollars, and it's getting to be really expensive," said Al Tamagni, a member of the board

Also Wednesday, the three-member board dismissed another complaint, this one involving Palin and her political action committee, and heard testimony from a woman who asserted fear of retaliation has prevented her from filing a complaint against the governor.

The governor's office said it is the 13th ethics complaint against Palin or her staff that has been resolved without finding of an executive ethics act violation.

Since the first day the nation knew Sarah Palin's name, there has been a lynch mob out to get her. They seem undaunted, even after failing over a dozen times. Thanks to legacy media for failing to report all this.

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