15 June 2009

Still Angry After All These Years

So Gloria Steinem was in town today. The establishment media fell all over themselves to throw laurels to her. No one dared question her boilerplate. I listened to most of her visit to the appearance on the local public radio spigot and watched her interview from the Minneapolis paper's website. I like to think of myself as a very empathetic observer, but I didn't recognize what America Ms. Steinem is railing against:
  • Of course she supported Hillary; it was Steinem's generation that invented identity politics so backing Hillary was a reflex rather than a decision. She even went so far as to belittle Obama by saying if he were female with two young daughters and the same inexperience there's no way 'she' would have been elected.
  • She opposed everything about Sarah Palin, which was sadly funny since Palin has really made leftists chase their tails over their herd-like backing of David Letterman over his (his show's) crude and ill-executed satire.
  • She talked about the sexual victimization of Marilyn Monroe without indicting the untouchable Camelot yet she had nothing but praise for Madonna of whom she subjectively approves.
  • Somehow all of human history was genderless until Europeans decided (one day?) to start treating women as property and the Caucasian world has never been the same. No mention of the place women hold in the Islamic world, which is currently about 22% of the world's population.
  • She took the time to demonize Bush, Reagan, Limbaugh, Disney/Pixar and really all of corporate America; there's always a bogeyman keeping women down.
It was disappointing to hear her prattle on. I couldn't glean anything. There was nothing that made me see flaws in the world in which I navigate. She just came across as a confused old person who's got one story left.

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