19 March 2009

The Straw Men Cometh

Okay, nation; last week, at the direction of the White House, you hyperventilated over Rush Limbaugh. Love him or hate him, Limbaugh is merely a man with a radio show. He cannot levy taxes, he cannot pass laws, he does not have any more authority than you or I. You, nation, still went out of your mind over an opinion he has instead of paying any attention to the people you actually elected to levy taxes, pass laws and exercise authority over you.

This week, you are soiling your shorts over the bonuses paid to folks who work/worked for AIG. Althouth the bonuses are only 9% of all the money you gave AIG, you, nation, scream, fret and cover yourself in the war paint of class envy and too little, too late outrage. You've whipped the sheep you've elected into an equally dysfunctional state, now they propose taking back what they themselves authorized only weeks ago in an equally pathetic display of Shoot First, Question Later.

Right now, east of here, the next straw man is being designed. He will become the temporary darling of Anderson Cooper, David Shuster, the pinheads on Comedy Central and others that tell you what to think. You have to resist what is plated and put before you and ask what is not on the menu.

Nation, you've had a very bad couple of weeks. Your eye is not on the ball. You've enthusiastically elected the bright shiny new thing, but now your attentions are wandering dangerously. Go out there, starting today, and get your act together.


flamer said...

What is NOT on the menu indeed.

It is time to watch the magician's other hand folks...

Thanks for the excellent post OB.

Tim Holtan said...

I like shiny new things. On the other hand, is it OK to be rageful over the constant dog-and-pony show that passes for news these days?