25 March 2009

"Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus"

Greektown, Francis Ford Coppola, the Fox Theater, River Rouge, Grosse Point, Steve Yzerman, the Fisher Building, Belle Isle, Elmore Leonard, Motown, Tiger Stadium, Woodward Avenue, Ernie Harwell, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Sonny Bono, Wayne State University, the Eastern Market, Roger Penske and Detroit Techno.

I've always wanted to like Detroit. At present, I cannot forgive the Left for what they're done to her. Put another way - if the political policies of the last 50 years were so sound, wise and successful, why isn't Detroit an urban paradise?
UPDATE - Not entirely unrelated:
DETROIT—Detroit, a former industrial metropolis in southeastern Michigan with a population of just under 1 million, was sold at auction Tuesday to bulk scrap dealers and smelting foundries across the United States.

According to scrap dealers, Detroit is an aging city in fair-to-poor condition, with "substantial wear and tear." It also bears the marks of extensive fire and rust damage, and it may not comply with current U.S. safety and emissions standards.

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