10 March 2009

From Teflon to Calgon

I carry Blackberry Curve, which I like a lot. Good phone, good web access, calendar, contact list, social media, multimedia, etc. As much as I dig it, It's no PC. As much as it does, it cannot do it all, nor can it do it all at the same time. This is a lesson the Blackberry fan in the Oval Office should be taking to heart, before he takes us down the river:
The President needs to focus all his energies on restoring credit flows and national and international confidence in the American economy and its private capital markets. Now is not the time to tackle health care reform or attempt to impose the huge inefficiencies of a carbon cap-and-trade system on the US economy, never mind the illusory promise of so-called "green jobs". Obama's sort of stressed out, all over the shop sort of urgency does not inspire the feeling that the US has a confident, inspiring captain at the helm for the difficult times to come.

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