25 February 2009

Biggest Boob Money Can Buy

Chris "Friend of Angelo" Dodd:

Sen. Chris Dodd is apologizing today for his comments Friday suggesting that it might be necessary to nationalize some banks for a short time. (Dodd), told reporters in Washington that he was surprised by the market’s reaction.

Given the rumors flying last week about the government pumping more money into major banks and wiping out shareholders in the process, Dodd’s comments Friday helped drive Citigroup Inc. as low as $1.61, a new bear-market nadir. The stock closed at $1.95, down 56 cents, or 22%, for the session. Bank of America Corp. fell as low as $2.53 on Friday before recovering to close at $3.79.

He was surprised. He is the CHAIR of the Senate Banking Comitee and he was surprised. He is a blithering old fool who's time has come and gone decades ago and he's a crooked old bastard, too.

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