15 February 2009

All Cultures Are Not Created Equal

Only after deciding your stomach or resolve is strong enough should you read it all:
Yes, domestic violence exists in all countries. Femicide, like homicide, also exists everywhere. But honor killings follow another, and quite distinct profile. But this honor killing in Buffalo (New York) is very important for another reason.

Perhaps Hassan and his supporters will argue that financial pressure drove him over the edge or led to temporary insanity. But, if so, why a be-heading? Why not a simple shooting? Curiously, when Hassan went to the police, he merely said that his wife is dead. He did not confess and say that he had killed her. In fact, some evidence exists to suggest that he first tried to cover up his role in the crime.

Stay tuned. Brother Hassan might soon claim that Aasiya forced him to be-head her, that she drove him to do so, that he had no other choice. And, from his own point of view, he will be telling the truth.

UPDATE: An unfortuante, yet accurate caption to a photo.

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