13 October 2008

Some Thoughts on Graffiti

This is not art, nor is it culture, nor is it a thoughtful statement on our times, nor is it the expression of one's soul.

This is the unintelligible scralwings of the childish and self-centered and nothing more. How else could one more loudly scream their own ignorance, illiteracy and outright failure as a human being than by tagging the property of others?

So, captain spray can, do you still think graffiti is art? First, grow up. Second, send me your home address, or that of your parents, or that of your grandparents. I'll come by at some unexpected hour, when no one is looking and practice my Broken Window via Brick Expressionism on the place. What? Not interested? C'mon, man; it's my ART!

Didn't like my glass work? Let me make you a counter proposal: Call me a mere 15 minutes before you again tag my garage. I'll meet you in my alley and we can compare our artistic endeavours. You practice your form of art on my garage and I'll practice my interpretation of dentistry and orthopedics on your person.

To sum up - if graffiti is such a legitimate, profound and important artistic exercise, why is it only practiced by cowards in the dark on the property of others?


flamer said...

At least someone's painting your garage...



Thank you! I'm here all week...

Sornie said...

I'm trying not to laugh at the previous comment but in all seriousness the only place for graffiti is on rail cars and I've seen plenty of legitimate art on those while your encounter is nothing but someone being stupid. Much like the person who shot a bee bee through my attic window.