21 October 2008

Oh How Subtle Art Thou?

One again, the Star Tribune is in the bag for Amy Klobuchar (who isn't even running for anything right now) and demonstrates it by the way is dissects parts of the truth to fit their paradigm:
Minnesota politicians are scrambling to jettison campaign cash donated by Tom Petters, the Twin Cities businessman accused of high-level fraud. "We are giving the money to the Boys & Girls Club for this cycle," said Mark Drake, spokesman for Sen. Norm Coleman, referring to $4,600 Petters contributed to the senator's campaign since 2003. Coleman's campaign got another $2,000 from Petters during the 2002 race for U.S. Senate.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat, is giving $4,200 she got from Petters in 2005 and 2006, and additional contributions from some of his associates, to the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and other groups.
So, Norm and Amy both got money from the now-poison Petters, it not being uncommon to donate to both parties. Evil Norm got about $2k more than Sainted Amy, but both campaigns are giving the money to charities. I guess we should move along.

Hey, not so fast. Let's check the wording of the above. Norm got $6,600 SINCE 2002, and Amy got $4,200 and change in the JUST the '05-'06 cycle. Go back and reread it. I'll wait.

OK, now what if a dummy like me went to an impartial source find different information, like Amy actually got $73,700.00? Does that mean the really smart people at the StarTribune either couldn't find this information or does it mean they chose not to tell you about. Oh, how'd Norm do? Go look for yourself.

So is the Strib stupid, lazy or complicit here? None are very becoming for a major-market news daily, but I'm willing to entertain other explanations, should they ever come. I mean besides the explanation that the Strib can't resist pissy partisanship.

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